“NEW” FULL UNIVERSAL SCOPECAM KIT (Includes Gen 2 Universal Optic Adapter)




The “NEW” Full Universal Kit is a great addition to the ScopeCam Adapter product line. Machined out of aircraft quality aluminum, this kit is built to last and take abuse. The bracket system and adapter will fit all phone models and just about all optics. No matter the smartphone case you use our easy adjusting bracket will lock your phone into place so you can capture it all.

The beauty of this kit is that anyone with a smartphone and optic can be digiscoping in seconds. You do not need a specific phone case and adapter. Pass this kit around the camp, anyone can use it and capture awesome pictures and videos using there smartphone. Did i forget to mention it makes a great selfie stick 🙂

Works with our GEN 2 universal adapter (gen 2 adapters have the OD thread and ID thread). The match ring must be used on the older Gen 1 optic adapters.

Watch the video below to see exactly how easy this kit works.

This kit includes:

  • Anodized (Earth Brown) Universal Bracket with hardware. ( works with smartphones up to 3.5 inches wide)
  • Anodized Universal Adapter in Black or Lime Green. (adapter will adjust from 1.200- 2.400)
  • Kit weighs 5.8 ounces
  • Black carry bag.
  • Simple Instructions.
  • VIDEO – https://youtu.be/zJAXxDdrytk

We ship with USPS 1st class mail. For shipping questions email us at info@scopecamadapter.com


Adapter Color

Black w/ Green Jaws

Product Video

66 reviews for “NEW” FULL UNIVERSAL SCOPECAM KIT (Includes Gen 2 Universal Optic Adapter)

  1. Andrew Davis (verified owner)

    Great product, Universal adapter is greatly improved over the original that has been in my pack for the last 6 years. Looking forward utilizing with both my Binos and spotters.

    Image #1 from Andrew Davis
  2. Rudy V. (verified owner)

    Very well made! Works great! Straight forward instructions on install. If you have a samsung s20fe like I do, the adapter will obstruct the flash a little. Also depending on your cell phone cover, the adapter might not sit flush if your cover has rasied edges,magnet etc. With that being said I purchased a inexpensive clear,smooth case dedicated to just digiscoping. Works great! I would recommend to family and friends.

    Image #1 from Rudy V.
    Image #2 from Rudy V.
  3. Heath T. (verified owner)

    Easy to install on my phone case and the template worked great. The universal adapter fits well snug and adapts easily to my BTX, swaro 15’s and swaro 10’s!

  4. Isaac Strunk (verified owner)

  5. Don K. (verified owner)

    Glued adapter to IPhone 13 case with extra glue and let it dry 24 hours a little hard to get alignment but just followed instructions, took picture of the limbs with leaves through my slc 15/56 and phone on 5 power at 300+ yds

    Image #1 from Don K.
    Image #2 from Don K.
  6. Jason M. (verified owner)

    Works great

  7. Jiles (verified owner)

    Upgraded from the phone skope… Was tired of buying different adapters for my other optics….

  8. Kevin Seely (verified owner)

    Works good on my new scope but not to good on my old one.

    Video #1 from Kevin Seely
  9. Bruce R. (verified owner)

    Very nice quality, can’t even compare such nice quality and ease of use to the plastic junk I was using from the major competitor, thank you

  10. Daniel H. (verified owner)

    I haven’t used it in the field yet but it seems to be high quality and comes with everything needed to mount on my iPhone 12.

  11. Travis Hobbs (verified owner)

    Giant fan, this new system is legit… I have been a giant fan for years, you boys were the original company to mainstream digiscoping for hunters and still the best! I love how you guys keep improving the game with solid, reliable products I can depend on. Appreciate it!

  12. James B. (verified owner)

    It fit my spotting scope and binoculars perfectly. Holds even at steep angles. Can’t wait to get outdoors with it.

    Image #1 from James B.
  13. Larry (verified owner)

    The universal adapter is wonderful. It takes seconds to set up and fits different phones. It has helped in positive ways for what I purchased it for. I will be buying a second one here soon. If anyone is on the fence about getting one it is well worth it.

  14. Mike C. (verified owner)

    Great product. Love that you can use it with your everyday case and not need a specific case. I’ve been able to glass and video both elk and deer from my back patio. Can’t wait to get into the hills and get some better shots.

  15. Gary N. (verified owner)

    Great product! Far better than the competitors and built to last

  16. Ivan (verified owner)

    One of the best investments I have made for shooting Benchrest

  17. Juan Ledezma (verified owner)

    Great product! And great customer service. Can not wait for this years scouting trips.

  18. Louis U. (verified owner)

    I just received the Phone Cam Kit about two weeks ago. I immediately put the kit together and was impressed with the ease of assembly. I also was impressed with the appearance of quality. Nothing about this item looks be inadequate. It fit my Swarovski spotting scope and it went on without any problems whatsoever. Even for the first time using it I could get it on my scope very quickly and has it on target without having to readjust my scope. The Phone Cam Adapter also fits very well to the glass of the scope. There was no hunting for the sweet spot as I have found with the competitors adapter. So far…. It appears to be a quality product and I recommend it for use.

  19. Matthew Stefanik (verified owner)

    Works great!

  20. Brandon M. (verified owner)

    Great customer and amazing product.

  21. Garritt Kirchoff (verified owner)

    First impressions is its very high quality. And it’s very easy to use. It works very well. This product looks like it will last many years. Would I recommend or buy another? Absolutely.

    Only suggestion I could give is the knobs are plastic and metal would be preferred. I also understand that would be additional cost.

  22. Robert Wright (verified owner)

    I have not played with it that much,will next week getting g ready for my Elk hunt…..was worried about the distance between glasses and adapter

  23. Terry Chapman (verified owner)

    Great product I only have to buy once. Best made digiscope I’ve ever seen. All machined aluminum. Fits perfectly on my spotting scope. Fantastic customer service if you have questions.

  24. Chris (verified owner)

    Best adapter I’ve used.

  25. Rohn (verified owner)

    Great product, super easy to set up and works great.

  26. Matt K. (verified owner)

    Worked AWSOME!! Used it on my goat hunt and it worked great for making pics and videos. Was able to use my phone as well as my friends phone. Any size fits.

  27. Casey Carr (verified owner)

    Great product works perfect, and customer service is second to nobody!

  28. Brian G. (verified owner)

    Works great with my Vortex spotter paired with Samsung phone in an Otterbox case

  29. Tony McClain (verified owner)

    Awesome Customer Service!! Took great care of me when I called with questions and follow-up on emails and shipping is super impressive!

    Image #1 from Tony McClain
  30. Jared R. (verified owner)

    Product works well. Provides a good universal mounting system. Unfortunately I ordered the green one but received a black one.

    Image #1 from Jared R.
  31. Pat L. (verified owner)

    Great product easy to use.

  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very nice having something built with quality and not just plastic.

  33. Russell (verified owner)

    Works amazing on my Vortex Viper HD. So simple to use and with the Full Universal kit, it will be ideal when I decide to upgrade from my iphone12 pro max. to another phone.
    I highly recommend this product:)

  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

  35. Jacob P. (verified owner)

    Well designed and super easy to use. Was able to switch between binos and a spotter in seconds.

  36. Peter Kovago (verified owner)

    Beautifully machined. No plastic. Easy to use. Fits everything. Brilliant design. I have been looking for one for over a year. This is the first one I looked at and said to myself, “this looks perfect”. It did not disappoint. Pete

  37. Kenneth Y. (verified owner)

    Best adapter i have used, was spot on every time and was perfect on all my optics , was glassing coues deer at 1700 yards and was able to throw it on an get an idea what kind of buck it was in matter of seconds!! Great job guys! Video is a 900 yard shot just for fun with my uni adapter on my ip 14 and my 85 spotter

    Video #1 from Kenneth Y.
  38. Miche Tellez (verified owner)

    Great communication!! Very helpful! I was lost trying to find what I needed for my now and future phone usage… This is it!!!

  39. Joseph Walll (verified owner)

    Have not used yet contact me in a year or so.

  40. Kevin Fish (verified owner)

    I used one earlier this year. And really liked it. I bought 2 for my sons for Christmas and hope they like them as much as I did.

  41. Jared S. (verified owner)

  42. Eric K. (verified owner)

    This is by far the best adapter for taking video and pictures on your phone! I love the fact that I don’t have to buy a new case every time I change phones. I also like using the telephoto lens on my iPhone instead of the wide angle. This setup allows me to have multiple options. I use it on both my spotting scope and binoculars.

    Image #1 from Eric K.
  43. Garron (verified owner)

    Awesome. Fits my iPhone 14 perfectly.

  44. Jim P. (verified owner)

    Easy install on any phone , much more convenient than the older model, that need a dedicated phone case

  45. Wyatt (verified owner)

    This is built tough! I love that anyone can put their phone into it.

  46. Jose H. (verified owner)

  47. Christopher T (verified owner)

    High quality. Quick Response. Best option on the market for a fully universal setup!

  48. Kameren B. (verified owner)

    I’ve only had a week to play with it, but this adapter works great. Built solid, shipped quick, and it’s so easy to attach. And the nice thing is that you can swap phones or scopes and the adapter works on everything. Impressive product!

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)


  50. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy to order and worked great

  51. Thomas E. (verified owner)

    The phone clamp and scope attachment is extremely easy to use. It does take a moment to get all set up, but once set up it works like a champ! I would and will suggest any sportsman and friends to buy it!

  52. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I have not gotten to put it to the real test yet but have set up on my rifle scope and it seems to work well.

  53. Nate (verified owner)

    Purchased two of these at the western hunting expo after seeing the demo. I was so impressed with the quality of the materials used. I was also impressed with how versatile and easy to set up that this kit is. In the demo I volunteered my phone after asking questions and the sales representative had it set up perfectly and taking video and pictures in a matter of a few seconds. Can’t wait to use this in the field on my upcoming Alaska moose hunt so that I can share the experience with my family.

  54. Terry Bourbonnais (verified owner)

  55. Daniel Will (verified owner)

    Perfect and better than expected. Fits perfect on my Swarovski ATX. Will be perfect for upcoming big game season and the option of working on all of our optics in hunting camp. Very well built and will last a lifetime.

  56. JD Gleason

    I have had the first generation scope cam adapter for a few years now and with a change in phones, I wanted to order another case to fit my new phone, but I saw that there was a new 2nd generation of universal scope cam adapters and I decided I wanted the newest version. It showed up quickly and this new design is so awesome. I’m super happy with it and can’t wait to use it somewhere other than my backyard lol. Thanks for the exceptional customer service and the commitment to innovation!

  57. James K. (verified owner)

    Easy to use, works great. Very well made. Keep up the good work. Jim

  58. Todd (verified owner)

    Solid construction and easy to use. Works great on my spotting scope and binoculars. It’s nice to have an adapter that is not specific to one model of smartphone.

  59. Justin (verified owner)

    When looking for a scopecam adaptor, i had done some research. Most scopecam adaptors were very phone or scope specific and required a phone case or certain eye piece. When i read about these on a forum, i decided to look into ’em and give the universal scopecam a try. Not only was it priced lower than competitors, but it fits my scope, my binos, my phone, my kid’s phones, any configuration i throw at it. And its stable and works great!

  60. Ben (verified owner)

    Works great, high quality, easy to use.

  61. Travis (verified owner)

    Video #1 from Travis
  62. Stephen C (verified owner)

    Solid piece of gear. Went with this as it mounts easily on various phones/cases. Waiting on new spotting scope but am impressed by results with binoculars. Locks on fast and tight. Tip: I relocated the flat washer to the front side (under wingnut) to get the correct “eye relief” with IPhone 11 & OB defender case.

  63. Roger (verified owner)

    Better than expected. This is a well thought out design, well implemented. Easy to set up and use. Attaches to different phone camera layouts in seconds and to different eyepiece sizes even faster. Truely universal.

  64. Norman B. (verified owner)

    Great product! I researched a lot of phone / optics adapters before purchasing this fully universal Scopecam kit. It fits my iPhone 14 pro with Otterbox case and Kowa 554 scope perfectly. It is relatively quick to deploy and is lightweight and decently compact. It is a very high quality product, sturdy, compact, and does not weigh very much. I downloaded the free PhoneScope app to control which camera lens is active on my iPhone and the whole setup works fantastic. No custom / modified cases to deal with and this will fit any phone / case / optics combination I might ever need to use it with. Perfect!

  65. Jacob H. (verified owner)

    Really easy to use

  66. Joshua (verified owner)

    Like artwork for scoping. This works great on pocket scopes to large glass. It is extremely sturdy and well machined.

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