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The new products we have (mag plate & full universal smart bracket) work with the new smaller thread pattern (Gen 2 Adapter). If you are still using the older Gen 1 optic adapter you will need to use the match ring we offer. We have match rings for the older style "push on" adapters and universal adapters. If you can't find what you need reach out to us via email or text.


Matching Ring For Gen 1 Universal Optic Adapter

Returns and exchanges are easy. Just send back your order with a return note to the address below. We can get you what you need or get you a refund. Buyer is responsible for the shipping charges. We prefer you use USPS Postal Service for shipping.

ScopeCam Adapter

PO BOX 152

295 S Foothill Dr.

Monroe, Utah 84754

A lot of the new phone models have a raised edge/lip around the camera lenses, this is for lens protection. Your ScopeCam Adapter kit will still work. Inside the the Mag kit and the Smart bracket kit you will find a spacer washer. This needs to be used on the underside of the arm when attaching to a phone case with a raised lip around the lenses. 

Inside your adapter you will notice a rubber o-ring, this ring needs to stay lubricated so that your adapter can turn smoothly. Before you do this rinse your adapter under water. To lubricate the ring use a Q-tip or similar object. WD-40 or similar lube works great!

This may happen to you if you have a multi lens smartphone. Only one lens on your smartphone can be centered over your eyepiece at a time. The blacking is most likely coming into play at 1.9x zoom because your smartphone is switching lenses at that point. To fix this problem download the app called "Procam 8" for iphones and the app "MANUAL" for androids. Inside these apps you can select the standard lens for priority control, now you can zoom your smartphone in to max zoom. We recommend keeping your phone at 1.9x zoom and using your scope or optics to zoom in further. This will provide you with better detailed images. 

Yes, the universal adapter will most likely fit all your optics. This adapter fits everything from 1.400-2.400 inches with the option to go down to 1.200 with the jaw extenders. We love to use the adapter on our binoculars, spotting scopes and even some rifle scopes.

We have products that will work on all smartphones & optics. The two best universal options we have is the new Smart Bracket kit and the Mag Plate kit. These two kits are fully universal and can work on any smartphone and optic. 

If you are after a case kit and your phone model is not listed, drop us a email and we will see what we can do to help.

We also have kits available for Go Pros and DSLR cameras. 

If you have any questions about digiscoping don't hesitate to ask.

If you have a problem with any of our products do not hesitate to contact us, we will do whatever we can to make it right with you.

No problem, everyone makes mistakes. Email us for directions on sending back your order.

If you have one of our older point and shoot camera kits or the G9X gold kit you can use the universal adapter. Have one adapter and use it on your custom point and shoot ScopeCam Adapter kit or your smartphone. To do this is all you need is the extender sleeve.

Mirrorless and DSLR cameras work with our "PUSH ON" style compression adapters. A PRIME lens or fixed power lens like a 20mm, 30mm or 40mm lens must be used on the camera. Our compression adapter cut to your specific spotting scope will thread onto the end of the PRIME lens you plan to use. Our compression adapters have a 58mm thread, a matching filter ring may need to be used on your lens. Email us with questions at

Upgrading phones???? No problem. The Full Universal Smart bracket kit will work on all phones and all cases. If you are using the Mag Plate is all you will need to do is move the metal receiver plate to your new phone case. We offer new 3MVHB stickers on the site and we also offer new receiver plates. The receiver plates stick best to hard plastic flat surfaces.

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