Note – If you do not see your phone model listed check the otterbox listing or email us. Iphone 14 pro models are available in the otterbox case.

“One size fits all” best describes the new ScopeCam Universal Adapter. Machined out of aircraft quality aluminum and made in the USA, this adapter is built to last! The ScopeCam Universal Adapter fits optic cups that range between 1.400 – 2.400 inches. The ScopeCam Universal Adapter is a “MUST HAVE” product for anyone who enjoys taking pictures and video with their smartphone.


Note – If you do not see your phone model listed check the otterbox listing or email us at  Iphone 14 pro models are also available in the otterbox case.

“One size fits all” best describes the new ScopeCam Universal Adapter. Machined out of aircraft quality aluminum and made in the USA, this adapter is built to last! The ScopeCam Universal Adapter fits optic cups that range between 1.400 – 2.400 inches & only weighs 3 ounces! The ScopeCam Universal Adapter is a “MUST HAVE” product for anyone who enjoys taking pictures and video with their smartphone.

The branded logo case is a sharp looking, slim style case with a rubber bumper.

Instructional Video Below

This kit includes:

  • Black or Lime Green Anodized Universal Adapter, with instructions.
  • Branded draw string carry bag for adapter.
  • Slim style branded ScopeCam Adapter case.
  • We ship with USPS First Class Mail!
Adapter Color

Black w/ Green Jaws, Lime Green

Phone Models

IPHONE __14_, Iphone 13, Iphone 13 MINI, Iphone 13 PRO, Iphone 13 PRO MAX, IPHONE 14 __PLUS, Samsung Note 20 Ultra, Samsung S22, Samsung S22 ULTRA, Samsung S22+, IPHONE 14 PRO_, IPHONE 14 PRO_MAX, S23, S23 Plus, S23 Ultra, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 PRO, iPhone 11 PRO MAX, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 MINI, iPhone 12 PRO, iPhone 12 PRO MAX, iPhone 2020 SE, iPhone XR, iPhone X/XS, iPhone XS MAX, iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus, iPhone 7/8, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 PLUS, Samsun S10E, Samsung Note 10 PLUS, Samsung Note 10, Samsung S20 ULTRA, Samsung S20 PLUS, Samsung S20, Samsung Note 20, Samsung S9 PLUS, Samsung S9, Samsung S21, Samsung S21 PLUS



  1. John Barclay (verified owner)

    Great product, great price, Extremely well made. This is the best universal adapter on the market

  2. Tanner

    Picked up a universal set up about 2-3 years ago at a hunt expo. Still going strong and I use it a lot. By far the best one on the market…I’ve used other brands and they always broke on me or didn’t function the way I wanted.

  3. TANNER P. (verified owner)

    You’ll never beat the Phonecam! The universal eye piece fits any optic you might be using!

  4. Joseph P. (verified owner)

    Just picked it up today. This thing works great!! Spent too much time in the office parking lot playing around already.

  5. Wyatt Gapp (verified owner)

    super happy with it! I’ve used it on Vortex, Swarovski, and Leopold spotting scopes and its worked on everything

  6. Kevin C. (verified owner)

    Fits perfect, fast and easy, best out there!!

  7. Jens H. (verified owner)

    I’ve had other attachments like this but have never been satisfied. When I got this I felt confident with the product!

  8. Dan K. (verified owner)

    I purchased the universal phone cam to use on my Razor HD spotting scope. The product works great. The universal eye piece adapter works on both my spotting scope and binoculars. I would highly recommend.

  9. Andrew (verified owner)

    I have always used Phone Skope products until I was told about the PhoneCam. This is a far superior product!! I know longer have black images because of poor fit or bumping my phone. Once the PhoneCam is on, it stays that way until you are done. I will never go back!

  10. Ron Tenney (verified owner)

    Scopecam works great with my 15’s or my spotting scope. Best universal phone scope on the market.

  11. Brandon (verified owner)

    So far so good! Excellent quality and very durable material!

  12. Alton Reid (verified owner)

    I really like this product. It’s very well built and I love how it attaches to the shooting scope way better than competitors. I use the case as my everyday case now as well. Easy for a quick mount to take pictures.

    Image #1 from Alton Reid
  13. Cameron Hunt (verified owner)

    I’ve used phone skope in the past and the PhoneCam is hands down the greatest digiscoping tool I’ve ever used. It’s precise i put it on and slap my phone to it perfect visual every time without any adjustment!!!! This kills phone skope don’t waste your money any where else!! This is it!!

  14. Daniel Kaiser (verified owner)

    Works awesome, fits scope very well

    Image #1 from Daniel Kaiser
    Video #1 from Daniel Kaiser
  15. SCOTT W. (verified owner)

    Great product. I like much more than phone scope

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

  17. Lee M. (verified owner)

    Great kit! I love they ability to tighten the phonecam adapter to the optics.

  18. Judith S. (verified owner)

  19. David Abbott (verified owner)

    works great but pretty spendy for what it is

  20. Randy Christensen (verified owner)

    Great product with exceptional services. Recommend highly over everything I’ve used in the past.

  21. Ethan H. (verified owner)

    Best universal adapter I’ve used. Phone case with adapter is slim enough that you can leave it on full time, the machined metal objective adapter fits my spotting scope and binos. It’s a buy once cry once for digital scoping and works much better than my old phonescope setup.

  22. Anthony H. (verified owner)

    I love this scope cam adapter, it works great, it works on any spotting scope I’ve tried it on, it can even be used for binoculars! I think this is a really good product.

  23. Joshua (verified owner)

  24. Jim Dalrymple (verified owner)

    My guide in New Mexico had one of these and was way better than the other brand I was using.

  25. Robert (verified owner)

    Though I haven’t had a chance to use it much, I think this system is far better than others I have used. Very easy to set up and use. Great product, would recommend to anyone. This picture is from exactly 2 miles away.

    Image #1 from Robert
  26. Shaw Loiseau (verified owner)

  27. Jacki Harrison (verified owner)

  28. Eric Hibdon (verified owner)

    Glue was broke around the eye piece. I glued it back with a better epoxy. I will have to test it’s durability this fall.

  29. Clinton K. (verified owner)

    Awesome product works perfect! I have used lots of others but this one is the best. Quickly attaches and perfect line up every time. Also I messed up and ordered the wrong case for my phone and they took care of me no questions asked. Great customer service!!

  30. Bron Rasmussen (verified owner)

    Haven’t had it long but already in love. Super easy to use and built tough unlike competitors that use cheap plastic.

  31. Caleb Viano (verified owner)

    Best option on the market, about time someone made one from metal! Well done PhoneCam!

  32. Brayden Brereton (verified owner)

    Love the scope cam!!! So simple and easy to set up and amazing when you using my whole family uses it over at high top outfitters out of richfield it’s amazing!

  33. Eric E. (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with my decision to try the Scope)Cam adapter. I didn’t want to have to purchase new bits as my optics selection expanded. And, the universal adapter fit my needs.
    The adapter is well made and has worked nicely on my Leupold BX-4 HD binoculars.
    In the short time I’ve used this, it is clear that I made the right choice.

  34. Joel (verified owner)

    I love this little adapter. Its small. All aluminum. American made 💪 The ability to swap from binos to spotter to rifle scope is excellent. I used it most recently on a spring bear hunt in Idaho. Pics attached are of my 12×50 Burris HD’s spotting a sow and cub at almost 2k yards.

    Image #1 from Joel
    Image #2 from Joel
  35. Daniel (verified owner)

    I like it so far. Everything they said it was. It has allowed me to finally get some good pictures of wildlife with my phone.

  36. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works great!!

  37. Tanner H. (verified owner)

    Great product, extremely quick and easy to adapt. Perfectly centered on the glass! Pics taken from 350 yards away.

    Image #1 from Tanner H.
    Image #2 from Tanner H.
  38. Kendra K. (verified owner)

  39. Preston Micheletto (verified owner)

    You gave me the wrong color I ordered

  40. Robert (verified owner)

    Got this earlier this spring and I am finally getting to use it. I can say enough good things about it, it’s the best I have ever used. Much easier and quicker to put on my phone and on the optics than other products.

  41. Scott Johnson (verified owner)

  42. Justan Chartier (verified owner)

    Super simple. The aluminium body is so well built and such high quality it is almost shocking. I’m buying one for all of my hunting buddies. 10 out of 10 awesome product.!!!

  43. Damian P. (verified owner)

  44. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Lightweight. Easy to use. Repeatable setup. Does take practice. Still working to reduce my attach time.

  45. Andrew Christiansen (verified owner)

  46. Bridger S. (verified owner)

    This has been a perfect set up thanks Scopecam for hooking me up I time for the hunts

  47. Jacey C. (verified owner)

    I have tried a few other brands of phone adapters and the PhoneCam has been my favorite so far.

  48. Diego R. (verified owner)

    Best product on the market hands down definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to step up there game to the next level

  49. Joyce Hezz (verified owner)

    My son really likes your product. Thank you!

  50. Scott Johnson (verified owner)

    One of the best products out there! I love it!!!

    Video #1 from Scott Johnson
  51. Ed Miller (verified owner)

    By far the best scope adapter on the market

  52. riley (verified owner)

  53. Lindsey (verified owner)

    When I received the logo case I decided I wanted the otter box and after emailing the company they sent me a different case. We love this product. Great quality and so user friendly. We have tried other brands and this is by far the most sleek, versatile, and easy to use. We were very happy with the customer service as well!

  54. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is my second because of a new phone.
    I have 4 different optics, so I don’t have to worry about a different adapters for each of them. One size fits all of them, so I’m always covered.
    The only way to go!

  55. Jordan Villar (verified owner)

    Amazing products. Received in a timely manner and very impressed with this product. I love how effortless this product is. This is a great quality product and something I can use on all of my optics. Nothing else on the market like this! Very pleased.

  56. Mike M. (verified owner)

    Works even better than I expected! Highly recommend this adapter.

  57. Bret Walters (verified owner)

    This is the only company I will buy from when it comes to digiscoping. Products are awesome, customer service is second to none.

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