The DSLR Scope)Cam Adapter kit is used to work on DSLR style cameras (camera body not included). We have found that using fixed 30mm and 40mm lenses (pancake style lenses) work best when digiscoping with a DSLR/Mirrorless style camera. The camera pictured is a Canon SL1 with a EOS fixed 40mm F/2.8 STM lens, this setup with the 58mm DSLR adapter works perfect & the image quality is incredible. To use the DSLR Scope)cam Adapter your scope must have a eye cup that measures 1.865 inches or more – edge to edge across the center.

You may need a “step up filter ring” between your lens and the 58mm Scope)Cam Adapter; if so you can purchase the correct one inside our store. We have 42mm-58mm, 46mm-58mm, 49mm-58mm & 52mm-58mm sizes available.

Using a DSLR with the Scope)Cam Adapter works best with angled body scopes but will also work on straight body scopes depending on the weight of your DSLR & how tight you fit the adapter with the fitting decals.

Remember this kit does not include a camera body. The kit includes the 58mm Scope)Cam Adapter, 52mm filter ring & the EOS Canon 40mm f2.8 lens.

NOTE – we sell the ES Canon 40mm F/2.8 STM lens with the Scope)Cam Adapter and filter ring but we do not offer lenses for the Nikon, Olympus and Sony model DSLR cameras. You can purchase just the DSLR Scope)Cam Adapter and it will work on all the models – with correct lens and filter ring.

For questions, text or phone 4352878901 (Reggie) – email


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  1. Chad Trueblood (verified owner)

    Poor communication and took too long. Didn’t have lenses in stock which isn’t a problem but had poor communication regarding this. On my end I received a tracking number which told me it was shipping when in reality it hadn’t shipped yet because they didn’t even have the items
    In stock.

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